MagSafe FCC filing points to four new iPhone models

This month Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhone series, but no confirmation is yet to be made by the Cupertino-based firm at the time of writing. A recent FCC filing, however, points to as many as four new iPhone models being announced.

Said filing was discovered by 9to5Mac, showcasing a refined system for the MagSafe charging first showcased on last year’s iPhone 12 series. Said magnets are noted as being stronger than the first iteration, but whether there is improved charging capacity, is unclear.

The site reports that the FCC tested out the new MagSafe chargers on eight different, with four of them codenamed the A2341, A2172, A2176, and A2342, while the other four were listed as being part of the 12 series.

Reading what we will into that, it looks like Apple could have four new iPhones to showcase, which would make sense given some of its recent smartphone-focused events.

To that end we could see a regular model, mini variant and two Pro flavours, as was the case with the iPhone 12 series last year.

With little else known about the iPhone 13 at this stage, apart from reportedly supporting emergency calls via satellite, it remains to be seen what Apple has done to improve a series of devices that have felt a little stale of late.

Last year’s models all touted 5G and improved silicon, but did not push the boundary from a design perspective.

With the mobile industry, as is the case for a myriad others, suffering from supply chain issues and component shortages, we could see something iterative yet again from Apple.

Hopefully that is not the case and the iPhone 13 can deliver something interesting alongside being the “most powerful iPhone” that Apple has made to date, which has been the headline in past years.


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