Nintendo once again shoots down 4K Switch rumours

It’s a new day and another discussion about some kind of 4K support for the Nintendo Switch. What makes it interesting is official word from the company that there’s nothing being done.

The @NintendoCoLtd Twitter account – which is used for “corporate public relations and IR” – has issued a statement in opposition to a recent news article.

That article is likely this Bloomberg piece (paywall) entitled “Developers Are Making Games for a Nintendo 4K Console That Doesn’t Exist”.

In it Bloomberg writers Takashi Mochizuki and Olga Kharif state that at least 11 game companies are in possession of “4K development kits” from Nintendo. These kits are apparently for some unannounced hardware which is planned for release in late 2022 the earliest.

Employees from these 11 companies – including Zynga – provided the information anonymously but when Bloomberg asked both Nintendo and Zynga for comment the companies both denied the information.

If all of this is sounding a bit familiar it’s because something similar happened in July involving the exact same players: Nintendo, Bloomberg and Mochizuki.

We covered the situation in July when it happened but the short version is that claims were made that Nintendo was making higher profits off of the OLED model switch, and that some kind of “Nintendo Switch Pro” was also in the works.

Again issuing a two-part statement through @NintendoCoLtd on Twitter, Nintendo denied these claims.

We’re not exactly sure why these three parties keep bumping heads but for the rest of us it does provide some insight into what the official stance of Nintendo is when it comes to these projects.

Of course if some new Switch is on the horizon there’s no way Nintendo would confirm as much in a reply to an article based on anonymous sources. Zynga and the other unnamed companies, if they did have access to unannounced hardware, could never publicly confirm that due to legal wrangling.

As always when we cover news like this all we can do is site and wait for something official. The OLED model is coming out soon and will likely be the main focus from Nintendo for the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to hardware.


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