Pokémon Trading Card Game Live won’t have trading or a Switch port

Yesterday we reported on the reveal of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, a new online client for the Pokémon TCG. Today however we’re talking about two big exclusions from the game: trading and support for the Nintendo Switch.

Starting with the latter and we can look at the official support page for the software that has a collection of FAQs. The section we’re interested in is of course around trading.

“Question: Will I be able to trade my cards to other players within Pokémon TCG Live?

Answer: Players will not be able to trade cards with other players within Pokémon TCG Live.”

It’s worth noting here that the current online client for the game – the Pokémon Trading Card Game or PTCGO for short – does support trading.

This ageing client has a litany of problems we discuss here and its trading is a heated topic. On the one hand PTCGO was one of the only platforms that actually allowed trading. On the other hand trading was a laborious process that was easy to get wrong for new players, and it required the use of an in-game currency.

Those who have played modern Collectible Card Game (CCGs) online will be familiar with the replacement system here which will supplant trading.

Bonus copies of cards will be converted into a new currency called Credits which can then be turned into new cards. The generic term used for a card system like this is “dusting” due to how Hearthstone – arguably the biggest CCG in the world – handles this process.

We won’t know how fair this process is in Live until it launches so things are bit up in the air right now.

What’s less ambiguous is the lack of a Nintendo Switch port of the new game. The announcement only mentions desktop support (PC and Mac) as well as mobile devices (Android and iOS).

A lack of a Switch port for PTCGO was accepted for the longest time as people were waiting for its replacement. With Live being that replacement no Switch support really stings.

It’s still early days for Live. There’s always time for the card system to be improved and a Switch port to come later, but these are the details we have to work with right now.

We highly recommend following some of the links below for more information about Live.

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