Ryan Reynolds’ non-league Wrexham AFC to feature in FIFA 22

When FIFA 22 is officially launched on 1st October, only a few weeks away, it will feature a rather curious team addition in the form of non-league outfit Wrexham AFC.

How exactly did a non-league team get added to a game that features some of the richest and most influential club teams in world football? Well Wrexham AFC has a rather sizeable secret weapon in the form of its co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

The pair recently featured in a video shared on Reynolds’ Twitter account confirming the announcement, with Wrexham AFC now featuring in the Rest of World category in-game for those who want to try out the non-league outfit.

The Rest of World is where other high profile clubs non a part of some of the bigger leagues feature, with Soweto’s own Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates featuring in-game for a number of years now.

Wrexham AFC currently plys its trade in Wales, which makes the feat all the more impressive, as other Welsh clubs have to make their way into the game via English divisions.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what kind of visibility the team will have in-game, but given it is a non-league club, having realistic player faces is likely out of the question.

That said, it looks like the team will be a fixture in the FIFA gaming franchise for the next few years, with an undisclosed multi-year deal reportedly hashed out between the parties.

Given that Rest of World teams cannot be chosen for Career Mode in FIFA games, it seems like Wrexham AFC will only be used as a exhibition and quick play option.

Still, it is an impressive feat, and shows just how much pull two Hollywood celebrities can have.


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