The Blastoise skin for Pokémon Unite isn’t the one we all wanted

As revealed last week the latest playable character in Pokémon Unite is the Water Kanto starter Blastoise. Unfortunately its alternate skin isn’t the one we all wanted.

Many were theorising that the skin would be a pair of glasses based off of the beloved Squirtle Squad episode of the anime.

A Blastoise with a cool pair of black shades does exist in another videogame, however. Pokémon Go gave players this option by distributing special Squirtles which could then be evolved.

So what do players get in the place of what was expected? The Halowear for Blastoise – Unite’s name for alternate skins – falls under the “Fashionable Style” umbrella that several other Pokémon also have Halowear for.

You can see this Blastoise skin in the tweet below. Other Pokémon such as Pikachu and Gardevoir also have Fashionable Style skins in the same vein.

Now let’s talk about money. To even play as Blastoise in Pokémon Unite you need to buy a Unite Licence. These can be bought with Aeos coins or Aeos gems. Coins can be earned by playing the game while gems are a premium currency purchasable with real money.

The Unite Licence for Blastoise can be had for either 8 000 coins or 460 gems. Compared to other Pokémon Blastoise falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to price here.

The Halowear skin, however, can only be bought with 400 Aeos gems.

With those numbers in mind we can visit the in-game real money shop which has gem bundles for between R20 and R2 000. That’s a massive gap and you can see the available purchasing options in the screenshot below.

So someone wanting to outright buy both Blastoise and its Halowear, they’d need to spend 860 gems. The cheapest way to do that would be as a first time buyer picking up the 490+490 bundle for R150.

If the first time specials are not available the next cheapest option would be the 1 220 gem bundle for R380.


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