Eidos-Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke will switch to the 4-day work week

While much has been said about working from home over the last year, very little has been said about reducing the five day work week.

The idea of a shorter work week isn’t new, but it’s also not exactly popular given that it could mean less pay for employees and less productivity for employers.

With that having been said, studios Eidos-Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke have announced that they will be switching to a four day work week. This won’t mean that employees will now have to cram five days of work into four.

“Concretely, we want to reduce the time at work, but increase the quality of this time invested, whether it’s on a team-basis or for the studio as a whole. A promising right balance for everything,” Eidos-Montreal’s head of studio, David Anfossi said in a statement.

Importantly, the salaries of employees will not change nor will the working conditions. Everything remains as is only, now employees work one day less.

The studio says that it believes that this new work week will, “cultivate creativity and motivation of the teams, and become a real driver of innovation and performance”.

What makes this transition particularly noteworthy is the fact that game studios are infamous for making employees work overtime to meet game release deadlines.

Eidos is also not a small name in the videogame sector with the latest title, Guardians of the Galaxy, set to release later this month on 26th October. Hopefully this transition to a four day work week inspires wider change in the sector and beyond.


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