FNB launches an Android Speedpoint and a Web Store for SMEs

Given the changing landscape of shopping and payments thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FNB has launched two new products today that are aimed at making digital transformation easier for SMEs.

Both solutions are aimed at accelerating the acceptance of digital payments by SMEs. The first of these is the FNB Webstore.

The FNB Webstore will help SMEs create a fully functional ecommerce website. The solution doesn’t require design or development skills according to FNB. How is that possible? FNB has built the solution on user friendly platforms.

“The websites are built on industry leading platforms, WordPress and WooCommerce, with designs based on Divi themes and then tailored for the business’ specific needs and desires. The solution is also integrated with a courier service for product deliveries to customers, as well as integration into social media and basic search engine optimisation (SEO) for marketing the site,” FNB explained in a press release.

FNB says that SMEs won’t have to carry the costs of hosting or partner integrations. We’re curious to see how much this solution costs though and how it compares to going at it alone.

The second solution launched today is an Android-powered Speedpoint. The device is said to have a longer battery life between charges following a request from merchants. The device also supports 4G, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi and updates will be delivered over the air. The idea behind this device is to enable more merchants and service providers to offer contactless payments such as Tap-To-Pay and Scan-To-Pay.

“As part of our journey, our goal involves enabling both the individual end-user and merchants through an integrated ecosystem. This, for example, leads to a seamless shopping experience whether a customer is paying via Virtual Card, EFT, Tap-to-Pay or Scan-to-Pay via FNB Pay, as well as contactless payments which recently surpassed chip and pin payments. We are excited to continue leading the future of payments in our markets and will continue to invest into our digital platform for a contextual and frictionless experience,” says chief executive officer at FNB Retail, Raj Makanjee.

FNB has not said when these solutions will be available but when we receive more information we will be sure to share it with you.


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