LEGO’s Titanic is longer than a metre, R10800 in South Africa

LEGO has revealed another ludicrously large set in the form of 10294: Titanic that truly lives up to its name in both size and price.

The set is made up of 9 090 pieces and, when assembled, makes a set that is in 1:200 scale. That translates to a display model that is 16 centimetres wide, 44 centimetres tall and 135 centimetres long.

This is far from the first time that LEGO has made a set that measures in at more than a metre. The Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) Star Destroyer is 110 centimetres long, for example.

Overseas LEGO enthusiasts will be paying US$629.99, CA$799.99, AU$999.99, €629.99 or £569.99 depending on the region.

While we’d usually use the UK price to try and estimate a local pricing for South Africa, that isn’t required this time around as the official LEGO stores online site has the set listed for R10 800 and a release date of 8th November.

While that’s an obviously huge amount of money to spend on anything, the South African pricing is actually favourable compared to what we were expecting for a set of this size, at least compared to other offerings from the company. That aforementioned Star Destroyer, for comparison, only has 4 784 pieces and sells for R13 999.

If sheer size and a decent price aren’t enough to sway you well the Titanic set has some extra features that make it more than just a static display model.

“This 1:200 scale model is designed in 3 sections, faithfully recreating the features of the Titanic. The cross section reveals interior details like the first-class dining room, the grand staircase, one of the boiler rooms and many cabins from the different passenger classes. Bring the story of the Titanic to life by recreating details such as the ship’s bridge, promenade deck, reading lounge, swimming pool and many more,” reads the product page for the set.

You can see more of those three sections and the details between them in the gallery below. There’s also a tonne of added details such as 300 portholes, a cargo crane and lifeboats.

With all the objective details out of the way what do we think of this behemoth? Well we’re a bit in love. We’re not real ship model fans here at Hypertext as we would have probably picked something big like the Star Destroyer over this in the past, but the finished model here is so beautiful that we can’t help but want it.

Hopefully LEGO starts accepting kidneys or, more realistically, this set gets some decent discounts such as a few large sets recently did in South Africa.

[Via – Brickset]


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