Samsung is selling an airing cupboard for R32 999

Every once in a while a product so ridiculous is released that we cannot help but scratch our heads in confusion.

Today’s product that matches that description is the AirDresser from Samsung.

This product is best described as a high-tech airing cupboard that “prolongs the period between washes” by jetting air over your clothes and sanitising them. We’d argue that washing your clothes and hanging them to dry would have a similar effect but that’s why we’re not the president of Samsung.

Okay but maybe this cupboard has some cool tech right?

According to Samsung the AirDresser has a Jet Air system and five AirHangers that use jets of air to loosen and remove engrained dust even from deep within the fabric.

The Samsung AirDresser

“It also uses Jet Steam, which sanitises garments gently to remove bacteria, and its Heatpump Drying provides delicate care for clothes by drying them at a low temperature, reducing any worries of shrinkage and heat damage. The AirDresser also captures and removes odours from your garments using its Deodorising Filter. The filter also ensures no odours are left behind,” Samsung explained in a press release.

This would be fine if the AirDresser could hold more than what looks like three items given the image alongside.

Samsung appears to think that hygiene is so much of a concern that South Africans will be interested in the AirDresser which costs a cool R32 999. If you are such a person you can find this cupboard for sale here.

We’re sticking with a traditional cupboard and the good ol’ chuck your clothes on the bed, and move them to the chair when it’s bedtime.


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