SEACOM announces 100Gbps upgrade for its IP network

As businesses and homes across the African continent look for greater access to connectivity necessitated by the pandemic era, SEACOM has announced an upgrade for its IP network that should be of interest.

More specifically the telecommunications and ICT infrastructure provider has announced a 100Gbps upgrade.

“This investment will allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs), CDN’s, Global and African Providers to leverage SEACOM’s network infrastructure to access the increased flexibility, scalability, and capacity that this upgrade will enable and will also benefit downstream connected business and Internet end-users in the region,” the company enthuses in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“The increased capacity of 100 Gbps equipment reduces the cost and complexity associated with procuring and maintaining multiple 10 Gbps ports and also simplifies load balancing through the flexibility of having 10 times more bandwidth per port,” it adds.

The aim of this upgrade is for network providers to be able to add more customers, expand their networks or reconfigure traffic flows without disrupting traffic or incurring multiple cross-connecting fees.

With SEACOM being one of the first providers to make this increased capacity available in South Africa, the company says that it plans to upgrade other regions on the continent in the coming months.

“As Internet expansion on the African continent continues to accelerate, together with the rapid adoption of video streaming and cloud services by African business and consumers, Network, Content and Cloud Providers are seeing a surge of bandwidth across their backbone and access networks,” notes Nicole Labuschagne, GM of the Service Provider team at SEACOM.

“SEACOM’s upgrade to 100GE technology on its network, allows these providers to meet this large demand efficiently and with ease. We want to ensure by progressing to the 100GE level that Africa and our customers keep pace in an ever digitised 4IR world, and we hope to see 100GE becoming the industry standard in the near future,” she concludes.


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