Spotty Switch availability of Dying Light clarified by Techland

After being available on other platforms for years now Dying Light has made the jump to Nintendo Switch but has found itself unavailable in many territories.

This has been discussed by players on places like Reddit where it seems like German age rating laws prevented it from being sold digitally.

But Europe wasn’t the only area affected and so Techland has now cleared the air with a handy guide showing where the game is available in both digital and physical formats.

That guide can be seen in the tweet below but, once again, Africa has been left out completely so we had to find out ourselves if it was available.

In the South African version of the Nintendo eShop Dying Light doesn’t appear. We checked on both the desktop site as well as the console itself and nothing is there, which is odd as the cloud version for the second game does show up.

Physical copies do seem to be available with places like BT Games and Koodoo offering it for pre-order. The listing on Koodoo states that there’s been a delay and this physical copy can be had in “end October”.

This is all a bit strange as Dying Light on other platforms is freely available digitally. The South African PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store for Xbox and Steam are all available. Steam even has the game discounted by 50 percent until 28th October.

With all of this weird availability in mind it’s worth remembering that the Nintendo Switch is a region-free console. You can easily make a new user account and set the country to anywhere in the world without needing to mess around with a VPN or other software usually used to spoof locations.

This does, of course, come with some downsides such as splitting your games across multiple accounts and the need to pay in foreign currencies.


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