Ukheshe, Telkom and Engen partner on tipping solution at petrol stations

Tipping is something that South Africans are often reluctant to do, especially when it comes to people working in the services industry.

This situation is exacerbated by the pandemic, with physical contact not really an option at the moment, which is why Ukheshe has partnered up locally to deliver a tipping solution.

The partners in question are Telkom and Engen, with the latter facilitating tipping via its Engen 1app.

“Engen aims to change this with its new ‘Tip an Attendant’ function. Ukheshe technologies, Telkom and Engen have collaborated to create the QR solution which allows motorists to tip attendants and cashiers for efficient service by simply scanning a QR code using their Engen 1app or any payment app that supports Masterpass QR payments,” Ukheshe explained in a press release sent to Hypertext.

When a petrol attendant’s QR code is scanned, and a tip is made it automatically is deposited into a Telkom Pay digital wallet, which is where the service provider comes into the equation.

“This digital wallet allows the attendant to either withdraw the money from Pick ‘n Pay, a CashExpress ATM or purchase airtime, data and other VAS services. They can also purchase goods at any merchant that supports QR code payments or any e-commerce store using a virtual card. The app utilises Eclipse, Ukheshe’s ready-to-use enablement platform,” adds Ukheshe.

While it remains to be seen how frequently the tipping feature will be used moving forward, especially given our country’s reluctance to tip in general, it is at least pleasing to see companies collaborate on a potential solution.

With contactless payments only set to increase in the coming years, the ability to tip should be baked into the process as much as possible.


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