XP and achievements on the way for the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is known for three things: free games, timed-exclusive games and a lack of features seen on many other platforms. From next week at least one of these missing features will be added in the form of experience points (XP) and achievements.

“Epic Achievements”, as they’re being called, come in four tiers with associated XP values. Just like other platforms there’s a big Platinum Achievement at the top of the pile available after a player has racked up 1 000 XP.

These four tiers and their associated extra XP values are as follows:

  • Bronze = 5-45 XP
  • Silver = 50-95 XP
  • Gold = 100-200 XP
  • Platinum = 250 XP

If this sounds a familiar it’s because achievements for developers has been around for a while now.

The announcement from Epic Games has a frequently asked section addressing this:

“We launched achievements tooling for developers about a year ago; we’ll call those ‘developer achievements.’ Those achievements are fully owned and operated by developers. This new Epic Achievements system adds additional benefits for players and brings them more in line with achievement systems on other platforms. We expect this new system will roll out all developers on the Epic Games Store in the coming months,” reads part of the FAQ.

These developer achievements are not going away and will remain as is. Players who have already earned these will have them converted into the new Epic Achievements and associated XP if the games switch over to the new system in the future.

“…once we launch, you can start racking up XP in these games: Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4, Alan Wake Remastered, and more. We’re working to get these tools to more developers, so you can expect to see Epic Achievements popping up in your favorite games later this year,” the announcement adds.

These games and the ones that follow will a dedicated achievements section to track player progress.

As much as we appreciate this feature we know that many people don’t have a taste for achievement hunting. We hope that the Epic Achievements and XP have some extra function, such as on the Ubisoft Store where playing and buying games can earn yuo a currency that can be exchanged for game discounts.

The Epic Games Store news does make mention of “new social features and player rewards” announced soon so maybe there is space for this kind of implementation.


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