Blizzard’s hit by a DDoS attack that lasted an hour

Things got rather hairy for Blizzard early on Thursday morning when its service was targeted by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

During the attack users were unable to access the online services in Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone, Hearthstone and other Activision Blizzard titles.

While the attack only lasted an hour it was enough to get the firm scrambling to work on a fix. Importantly, it’s currently Thanksgiving weekend in the US so it’s likely this attack caused some headaches for Blizzard going into the long weekend.

The good news is that the attacks have stopped and Blizzard’s services should once again be accessible.

At this stage it’s unclear who was behind the DDoS attack but we suspect Activision Blizzard’s recent missteps and protection of chief executive officer Bobby Kotick may have inspired somebody to execute the attack.

Calls for the removal of Kotick and widespread change at the upper echelons of Activision Blizzard have grown louder since The Wall Street Journal published damning allegations against Kotick.

Activision Blizzard appears to be being targeted from all sides, and while this is very much its own doing, we have to wonder how many more hits the firm can take before it breaks and changes how it does business.

For now is once again accessible.


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