Epic Games Store coupon opportunity expires in a few days

Another opportunity to get a free Epic Games Store coupon will expire on 15th November which is in just a few days, so follow some easy steps before then if you want to get a discount on your next purchase.

We’ll start with the step by step guide and then get into some details later:

  1. On the Epic Games Store hover over on your username in the top right corner and then click on “Account”.
  2. Click on the “Communications” option in the left hand column. It has a small bell icon next to it.
  3. Under the “Email Subscribe/Unsubscribe” heading there is a checkbox for “Yes, email me about Epic Games products, news, events and promotions.”. Click on this checkbox.
  4. A spinning loading icon will pop up. Once it has gone you’re done.

Yes this is the old “sign up for our newsletter and receive an incentive” campaign. The incentive here is the standard $10 Epic Games Store coupon that will automatically apply to your next purchase over the price of $14.99.

For South Africans the coupon value is R160 and the minimum purchase is R239.99.

For all other countries you can find the exact amount of the coupon and the minimum purchase value here.

If you followed the steps above and signed up for the newsletter you should automatically receive an email informing you of the coupon being added to your account.

For those who were already signed up to the newsletter the coupon is most likely applied to your account already. As a sanity check you can navigate to the account inventory screen to see all the coupons available to you.

Now for even more caveats as 15th November isn’t just the last date to receive the coupon, it’s also the last date to use it. Yes a purchase will need to be made before this time or it will expire.

Because of time zones the exact expiration time of expiration is 09:59 local time on 16th November, but we suggest making a purchase before then to avoid losing out.

Finally it should be noted that this is a single use coupon. During certain sales Epic Games will have evergreen coupons that are applied indefinitely if the minimum purchase is made every time and this is not one of them.

The account setting inside of the Epic Games Store that needs to be activated to receive the coupon.

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