Eskom confirm stage 2 loadshedding to be a fixture for the coming week

This weekend has seen South Africans have to cope with stage 2 loadshedding, with it originally scheduled to end on 5:00 on Monday morning, but a power alert from Eskom has confirmed loadshedding will remain in effect for the next week.

More specifically the power utility noted that stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 5:00 on 8th November until 5:00 on 13th November (Saturday).

As for the reason why stage 2 loadshedding will remain in effect for the next few days, Eskom has highlighted several issues it has faced over the past couple of days, including significant power trips that hampered capacity and the ability to generate reserves during the weekend.

As such, Eskom had to turn to its emergency generating reserves in order to keep things at stage 2.

That said, the prospect of moving to a higher level of lockdown during the course of the week is a possibility. “Since the power system remains volatile and unpredictable, higher stages of loadshedding may be required,” it explained in the aforementioned power alert.

Hopefully though, there will be better lead time should the level of lockdown change, as last week Friday there was only 30 minutes warning loadshedding was announced, implemented and only a couple of hours later, escalated.

Either way, the coming week will be tough for all South Africans to cope with. To stay up to date on matters, we suggest following the official Eskom Twitter account and downloading the Eskomsepush app to check the schedule in your area.

[Image – Photo by David Tomaseti on Unsplash]


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