Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini Evo is a hybrid instant camera/printer

Fujifilm has announced a new offering to its ever-growing instant camera lineup in the form of the Instax Mini Evo.

This device is a little different to what the Japanese company has revealed previously as it is a hybrid camera system – featuring both the instant camera elements and smartphone-supported printing – all in one piece of hardware.

It is not the first time that Fujifilm has created such a system, however, with the Mini LiPlay doing so in 2019. The key difference here is the styling, which is akin to the Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras we’re big fans of, along with a larger print being yielded from the device.

Added to this is a 28mm F2.0 lens, which allows focussing as close as 10cm, all of which is powered by a battery that can last up to 100 prints before a recharge is needed.

The company explains that there are a number of different editing options available, with the Instax Mini Evo featuring 10 lens effects (including Soft Focus and Light Leak) which can be combined with 10 film effects (including Vivid, Monochrome or Pale) for access to a 100 shooting options. As such, there is quite a bit to tinker with.

“Once the perfect combination is found, the photo can be printed by pulling the print lever at the back, harking back to the film advance lever found on 35mm film cameras. Fujifilm has ensured greater print quality on the Evo, with the resolution of the exposures (638 x 318 dpi) now double compared to previous models,” Fujifilm SA in a press release sent to Hypertext.

In terms of other notable elements on this hybrid instant camera, a 3″ LCD monitor is on the rear to help you frame shots being snapping, as well as assisting with on-device editing. There’s onboard storage to save up to 45 images, along with a microSD slot for additional space.

If you are wanting to pick this one up for the festive season, you’ll unfortunately need to wait until January next year for the Instax Mini Evo. Price, however, is yet to be shared by Fujifilm SA.


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