You can now get prepaid fibre from Telkom

Telkom is making it easier to get connected via fibre with its new prepaid fibre-to-the-home packages.

As the name implies, this product is purchased on a month to month basis and there are no contractual obligations and you can purchase uncapped data when you need it.

There are currently three vouchers available. Three days of uncapped access will cost you R99, seven days will cost you R169 while 30 days of uncapped internet access will cost R449.

Line speed is limited to 25Mbps (that’s upload and download) which is on the low-end of the speeds possible on fibre but we reckon Telkom has done this to keep the price as low as possible.

The catch? If you don’t have fibre access you will need to pay for installation. There are two options for installation that Telkom calls Starter packs. The first Starter pack will cost you R1 499 once off and includes installation and a router. If you prefer using your own router you can just pay for Starter Pack 2 which costs R999 for installation.

“We are simplifying access because we realise that no two customers, nor their circumstances, are the same. While some customers want the convenience of a contractual agreement and prefer a recurring billing, others merely opt for the flexibility to adjust as their lives and businesses change,” said Telkom’s chief marketing officer, Gugu Mthembu.

The CMO goes on to say that once the line is installed, customers can purchase vouchers through the Telkom Customer Portal as and when they need them.

“Customers can go to the Telkom website to apply for a starter pack and follow an easy and simple guide to get started or to activate. The starter pack payments must be made with a credit/debit card directly on the portal. The fibre access installation will follow the normal post-paid fibre installation process and will on average take ten working days,” Mthembu added.

Head to the Telkom website here for more information and to order our prepaid line installation.


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