A proper Google-made smartwatch could see light of day in 2022

Over the past few months, Google has been hard at work refining its Wear OS platform for smartwatches. Up until now, the firm has only been working with OEMs, such as Samsung on wrist-bound devices, but a new report from Insider (paywall) says a fully fledged Google smartwatch could land next year.

The devices, yet to be officially confirmed or indeed named by Google, will likely fall under the Pixel lineup of hardware and therefore the natural nomenclature should be the Pixel Watch. For now it is currently codenamed Rohan by Google in-house.

It would also be the first smartwatch that Google has ever made, but given the fact that no Made by Google hardware is officially available in South Africa, means the Pixel Watch won’t land in SA. Hopefully that changes next year though, when the device is reportedly expected to be revealed.

So what do we know so far about this smartwatch that probably won’t be available locally?

Well it looks like Google has a separate team working on the project, which is surprising given that the company has the expertise of Fitbit to lean on, which it recently acquired. That said, it could be the first device to launch a new feature from Fitbit called Nightlight, but it is unclear what the aforementioned feature actually does.

Either way, it is believed the Pixel Watch will serve much as the Pixel phones do, namely a purely distilled example of what devices perform like when Google handles the hardware and software.

With Apple still dominating the smartwatch and wearables space with the Apple Watch, Android fans have yet to find their champion in this segment of the market. Perhaps the Pixel watch will be it, but only if it is made more widely available.

[Image – Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash]


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