Hisense brings its innovation and expertise to local digital signage

As the world begins to return to normal, the coming festive season presents the opportunity to do some in-person holiday shopping, hit the road to visit friends and family and generally just enjoy the outdoors again.

While many of us will be thinking about how best to navigate the coming months, for those in the digital signage space, the next few months present an exciting opportunity to re-engage with South African consumers and enrich their experiences with attention grabbing messaging from brands that they love.

A natural progression

One company aiming to help in that process is Hisense, which quickly built a name for itself in the local consumer electronics space by delivering great value for money TVs that pushed the boundary of innovation while ensuring costs are kept low.

Now Hisense is turning its focus to digital signage, aiming to bring the same innovation and forward thinking it employed in the consumer market to that of interactive digital boards, standard space and outdoor signage, as well as video and LED walls.

As such, if people head to a shopping mall, business park, sports stadium or are simply driving to and from work each day, there is an opportunity for your business or brand to reach them or be a conduit for others to do so via Hisense’s industry-leading digital signage solutions.

This 360-degree approach to digital signage has seen Hisense’s growth in this market increase exponentially in other regions. In fact, the B2B sales revenue has quickly grown to be 35 percent of the Hisense Group’s total in recent years.

By offering an integrated portfolio of solutions that gain attention from visitors throughout their customer journey, Hisense knows that it can help create a unique experience through innovative technology.

Add to that the fact that South Africa is one of 14 locations across the globe where Hisense has high-end production facilities.

Global knowledge and experience

This means that the innovative digital signage you see employed in the likes of North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, can easily be replicated here in SA, meaning local brands and advertising companies alike can offer the types of visuals experiences that their international counterparts.

If you want to create truly immersive and engaging experiences for consumers, turning interested onlookers into loyal customers, Hisense can play a pivotal role in making that happen.

This is the power that comes with being the number four TV manufacturer in the world, as Hisense eyes up domination in the digital signage space too.

We are already seeing the value that Hisense is having locally and abroad, with the company being a key sponsor of local rugby franchise, the Emirates Lions, and helping to enrich the stadium experience for fans with visually rich and compelling signage throughout Emirates Airline Park.

On the international stage, Hisense has played a key role in major sporting events like the recent UEFA Euro 2020 tournament and F1 Championship.

With South Africa being the sports obsessed country that it is, and fans raring to head back to venues again, now is the time to see what value Hisense can offer from a digital signage perspective.

If you are indeed interested to see what the company can offer your business, brand or space, head here for more information.


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