More Nintendo Switch OLED Model stock arrives in South Africa

When the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was released in South Africa earlier this year customers were warned that stock would be extremely limited, and this proved to be the case as the console quickly sold out and has been difficult to find, until now.

An email from Core, the official distributor of Nintendo in South Africa, has revealed that there’s recently been a stock drop of the console.

While this is good news it seems even this has been partly sold out. The white version of the console has already been scooped up, but the red / blue version is still available for purchase here.

As with its launch the price of this console is R7 999. While we’re happy this hasn’t increased given the poor state of the Rand right now, it’s still extremely expensive and much more than what people overseas are paying. Check out this story for more information about the OLED Models pricing.

Those who had their eyes on a white OLED Model, or would prefer to buy a console at a later stage, should check out Raru which has also seemingly received more stock. The online retailer has opened up pre-orders on it which are slated to be shipped out on 10th January and are available here.

Strangely only the white version is available on Raru.

Another online retailer, Nexus Hub, has also had a restock with white OLED Models available for purchase and slated for release on 27th December.

Some other stores that we’d expect to have stock, like BT Games and Takealot, don’t have anything yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that changes in the near future, so keep checking back over the holidays and into the new year.

For those curious about the OLED Model check out our review published recently which compares the latest version of the Switch against a day one, OG model.


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