Get your final look at Pokémon Legends: Arceus before launch

The week is finally here: on 28th January Pokémon Legends: Arceus will launch on the Nintendo Switch, and those who are anticipating it have been given a last look before they can actually play it.

This is in the form of an overview trailer that has been released on the official Nintendo YouTube account.

If that sounds a bit familiar it’s because, earlier this month, Nintendo also released an “extended gameplay video” which we covered here. This overview trailer contains different content so it’s also worth checking out.

This overview combines much of the trailers and written content released for the game so far, so if you’ve been diligently keeping track of all the reveals not much will be new to you here. This is, however, a great catch-up for those who haven’t been following the game so far but now want to be informed before the release in a few days.

In this trailer we’re told that the Hisui region is a harsh place where people and Pokémon haven’t yet learned to live together. The wild Pokémon are feared and rightfully so as the narrator explains that certain creatures in the wild will vastly overpower the player and running away is your only tactic until you progress.

Players will complete the first ever Pokédex but veterans of the series will be happy to see that it’s not just a game of catching them all. Instead players will also need to observe these Pokémon and complete other tasks to fill the Pokédex such as defeating them in battle, viewing them using certain attacks and seeing them evolve.

You can see these so-called research tasks in the trailer at the two minute 55 second mark.

Rideable Pokémon make a return and strong Noble Pokémon, which need to be calmed down and battled, make for some variety in the overworld.

With just a few days before launch now the public will see how this radical departure from the Pokémon formula will work out.


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