Gumtree adding verified accounts to its platform for sellers and buyers

Local classifieds website Gumtree is adding an interesting new feature to its platform in the form of Account Verification.

The new feature comes as the result of a partnership with Gumtree and credit information bureau, XDS solutions, which is a part of the EOH Information Services Group.

The site says that this feature will allow both buyers and sellers to verify their SA ID number with XDS. Added to this is facial recognition software, which will be used during the process to ensure that stolen ID documents cannot be used.

For those concerned about PoPIA and privacy, Gumtree SA’s GM Claire Cobbledick, has pointed out that, “no data will be collected, stored or displayed on Gumtree”

“Verified users will receive a badge on their profile to indicate that they have verified their identity, adding an extra layer of trust to their online presence,” she adds.

The entire process is said to be completed in under two minutes, with the functionality already rolling out to sellers and being made available to buyers down the line.

It is also important to note that while it does not verify the goods or service level of the individual, it should eliminate ID fraud that often plagues classifieds sites.

“Part of the appeal of social media and classifieds platforms has been a low barrier to entry – anyone with an email address can create an account and start trading. However, it is easy for unscrupulous criminals to take advantage of this and operate online. We believe that the future of classifieds lies in providing tools and mechanisms that still make it simple and easy to trade – but also safer,” concludes Cobbledick.


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