PlayStation Plus helps Deep Rock Galactic cross 10 million player count

Mining sci-fi co-op game Deep Rock Galactic has crossed a new milestone with a reported 10 million players surpassed, with its addition to PlayStation Plus lauded as one of the reasons for this recent success.

Deep Rock Galactic was announced as an included PlayStation Plus game right in the last couple of days of 2021 and has been available to play through this service since 4th January.

Aside from the PlayStation Plus inclusion the game as also made available to outright buy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the same day.

“Deep Rock Galactic had an immensely successful 2021, which saw the game win multiple awards and achieve new sales milestones, and the introduction of a content-packed free Battle Pass setting the standard for live-service multiplayer. Starting this year off with a bang, the title has more than doubled its player base to 10 million players following its launch onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the 4th January. Deep Rock Galactic is currently available for free throughout January for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription,” reads a press release sent to us.

Aside from PlayStation availability Deep Rock Galactic is also on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It can be played with no extra purchase needed on these platforms too through Game Pass.

This wide availability is only a small part of the success as the game has long been beloved by players. Looking at Steam, for example, where the game also went through early access, there are an outstanding 94 515 reviews.

For developer Ghost Ship Games, an indie outfit with less than 30 staff, this is a huge response, made even better by the 97 percent positive ratings. This leaves Deep Rock Galactic with the highest review standing on Steam, “Overwhelmingly Positive”.

“The way Deep Rock Galactic has always been developed is directly with the community. We are a small team, undertaking a huge console launch so it is amazing to have the community working with us every step of the way, and we can’t wait to show off what we are going to give back to them in Season 02 this Spring!,” writes CEO of Ghost Ship Games, Soren Lundgaard.

The CEO goes on to state that the server list is “absolutely packed with new players” which makes now a good time to jump into the game.

With no purchases needed through PlayStation Plus and Game Pass, we may be giving it a try ourselves.


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