Tom Holland reveals more of the biggest Uncharted stunt

Tom Holland has appeared in another promotional video for the upcoming Uncharted movie where he plays Nathan Drake, this time to provide more context for another reveal which happened earlier this month.

Before we go any further consider this very light spoiler territory. It’s up to you if a stunt in a movie, copied from a game that came out years ago, counts as a spoiler, but we’re warning you regardless.

The stunt is, of course, the so-called “plane fight” which happened in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. This long sequence is still remembered by players more than a decade since the release of the game.

If it’s been a while since you played the game here’s a video of the sequence.

After you’ve watched that you can directly compare it to the one that will be in the movie. Sony Pictures Entertainment has itself released part of the scene on YouTube for anyone to watch here.

That’s all in the past but what is new is a short video of Tom Holland speaking about the stunt which was apparently shot over five weeks.

Our favourite part of this is the behind the scenes of the stunt which shows that the boxes were suspended by robot arms. While this was done against a blue screen it must have been hell to remove those arms.

Judging by the snippet released online we’re pretty sure a lot of the real footage was thrown out entirely and only used as a reference as some of the scene looks entirely CGI.

Oh, and for those of us who use sensible means of measurements the “100 feet” mentioned in the video is 30.48 metres.

Uncharted releases in theatres on 18th February.


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