Apple warns that tracking someone with an AirTag without consent could be a crime

Earlier this month Apple shared guidelines for steps it was taking to address privacy concerns surrounding the AirTag and unwanted stalking of users.

While the Cupertino-based company is unable to fully police what people chose to do with their AirTag, it is hoping that potential law enforcement action will get ne’er-do-wells to stop tracking people without their contest.

The new measure that the form of a notification that will appear when first pairing your AirTag, with 9to5Mac spotting it in the latest iOS 15.4 beta. Said beta is currently in the hands of developers and of course those who have signed up for access, with it rolling out to the wider iPhone community thereafter.

The site says the aforementioned notification informs users that their AirTag is linked to their Apple ID, while also stating that tracking someone without their consent is a, “crime in many regions around the world.”

On top of this, Apple says it will comply with law enforcement should they believe that an AirTag linked to your account is being used for stalking.

It is a rather significant stance for Apple to take, given that it has previously fought against court orders to open iPhones in legal cases previously.

9to5Mac also notes that the Find My app will be receiving new control parameters for tracking in particular when iOS 15.4 is rolled out.

As with previous updates to this stalking dilemma, many of the solutions are aimed at those who own an iPhone. It is why we suggest downloading the Tracker Detect app should you be using an Android device. It should be able to pick up any device that may be tracking your phone, along with AirTags.


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