LogMeIn is now GoTo

The company formerly known as LogMeIn is now GoTo and the name change is particularly odd given that the company’s software is used by over a billion people.

Software makers that develop solutions for remote work have seen an influx of interest in their products during the pandemic and rightly so. What strikes us as odd, however, is why GoTo has changed its name when folks know the name LogMeIn.

According to GoTo President and chief executive officer, Mike Kohlsdorf, the name change is the final step in a year-long company transformation.

“GoTo and the new portfolio better represent the company and our commitment to SMBs. We understand their particular challenges and have the focus and resources needed to address these pain points to better serve their dynamic working environments,” Kohlsdorf said in a statement.

As part of this renaming, GoTo is using the opportunity to unify its IT tool portfolio and focus it. The firm’s IT management and support product is now GoTo Resolve and its new communications product is GoTo Connect.

GoTo Resolve simplifies IT management and support for smaller business but still features the remote-access, management and support tools LogMeIn was known for. The solution is designed with zero-trust architecture in mind and takes an “always verify” approach.

GoTo Connect is the aforementioned communication product. This product includes loud telephony, meetings, messaging, training, and contact centre capabilities. Beyond that, GoTo Connect also includes Facebook integration.

One product that isn’t mentioned at all is LastPass. That’s likely because in December 2021, GoTo (which was LogMeIn at the time) announced that LastPass would be spun off into a standalone business.

“The substantial scale of LastPass, its tremendous growth, and its market leading position and brand makes it a perfect candidate to seize new opportunities as its own standalone company,” LogMeIn president and chief executive officer, Bill Wagner said at the time.

LastPass can still be accessed via the GoTo website but it seems it isn’t getting a name change, at least not yet.


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