Samsung to simulcast this week’s Galaxy Unpacked on livestream and VR

We are now less than 36 hours away from Samsung debuting its Galaxy S22 series of flagship phones. The event, as has been the case over the past two years, will be live streamed on several Samsung-owned platforms, but there will also be a VR simulcast.

The South Korean firm is billing it as a “groundbreaking” metaverse experience, but we are more inclined to say that it is a more immersive virtual reality one.

This as it is recreating its flagship store in New York City for viewers to explore digitally while the Galaxy Unpacked event is underway in a virtual venue called 837X.

We had a subtle teaser that Samsung would be featuring a VR element for Galaxy Unpacked during a trailer announcing the date and time of the event a couple of weeks ago, but now we know that those interested in experiencing 837X need to sign up with Decentraland, which is handling the metaverse element of the simulcast.

It will therefore be interesting to see whether Samsung has a VR-focused announcement to make during the Unpacked live stream, especially as the company has been curiously silent on new hardware, as well as the metaverse in general, unlike some of its competitors.

Given that Samsung pioneered many VR headsets in the early days of interest in the technology before focusing elsewhere, perhaps the on-trend metaverse talk has renewed its interest in the industry.

We may be reading too much into things, particularly as Samsung is also running simulcasts for Unpacked on platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Reddit and TikTok, so all the metaverse speak is to ensure the company has its bases covered in terms of where people can watch the reveal of new hardware.

Either way, we will be on hand come 17:00 on 9th February, so check in with our Twitter account as we share all the details on the new Galaxy S22 series and whatever else Samsung chooses to announce on the day.


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