Stage 2 loadshedding starts at 21:00 tonight

South Africans will have to endure a night, and potentially a day, beset by loadshedding.

Following the suspension of Stage 1 loadshedding at 21:00 on Sunday evening, Eskom will now implement Stage 2 loadshedding at 21:00 on Monday evening. Loadshedding will be lifted at 05:00 on Tuesday morning.

“Since midnight we have lost the unit each (sic) at Camden, Kusile, Dubha and Matla power stations. Furthermore, the return of a unit at Kusile and two units at Majuba power station are delayed,” the utility said in a power alert.

Eskom also said that further breakdowns could force it to implement loadshedding sooner than 21:00 this evening or extend the power cuts beyond Tuesday.

Total breakdowns currently sit at 16 261MW showcasing just how vulnerable the system currently is. There is also an additional 5 350MW of capacity unavailable due to planned maintenance.

As always, we advise checking out the Eskom loadshedding site and Eskomsepush on mobile to keep up to date with what times your area will be affected and when to charge necessary devices for the coming week.

While Eskom has said loadshedding will end on Tuesday, it also said that generation capacity had sufficiently recovered on Sunday evening so the state of affairs is very much in flux at the moment.


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