Project Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy gets a new demo and trailer

Nintendo have announced via their February 10 2022 Nintendo Direct that Triangle Strategy will have a brand new demo available for download. The announcement, along with a fairly lengthy trailer, can be viewed in the tweet below.

We suggest viewing the trailer in 1080p via YouTube though so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the “HD-2D” pixel graphics and effects.

Triangle Strategy was originally showcased as “Project Triangle Strategy” last year February via a Nintendo Direct too, and an early build demo was released. Development on the game continued while taking player feedback into account and now, almost a full year later, gamers will be able to play a brand new, far more expanded demo.

Developed by Square Enix, Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG that looks fantastic with a striking visual-storytelling design combined with strategic turn-based gameplay. Players will command their forces and make tactical decisions that will influence the story and outcome of a grand conflict between three nations. It looks flashy and the plot seems to be filled with political drama and intrigue.

The new demo features Chapters 1-3 of the game and will allow you to transfer your save data to the full final release version should you purchase the game.

If you’re on the fence or would like to find out more about what Triangle Strategy is all about, give the demo a try and see for yourself if it’s for you.

Triangle Strategy launches on the 4th of March 2022 and we’re quite excited to get our hands on it to be quite honest. You can download the demo from the Nintendo eShop here onto your Nintendo Switch.


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