Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen explained

While we play through the campaign for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen we wanted to take a moment to dive into the game’s newest feature – weapon crafting.

This new addition to Destiny 2 allows players to craft weapons with the traits they favour. What’s more is that once a weapon has been crafted, it can be levelled up and new traits can be unlocked and used on that weapon.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves though so let’s begin with the basics.

The first step as of time of writing will require you complete the first two missions of The Witch Queen campaign. These are longer than the average Destiny 2 mission but well worth your time.

After that you will unlock weapon crafting at the Relic located in The Enclave in the Throne World destination.

Deepsight Resonance

The first part in the multi-step process that is weapon crafting is to obtain a weapon that has a trait called Deepsight Resonance. These can easily be identified by a red border on the weapon’s icon and we have earned them during the campaign. Deepsight Resonance will appear randomly on weapons you acquire while playing.

A weapon with the Deepsight Resonance trait.

As you can see in the image above, in order to attune this weapon’s Deepsight Resonance you need to use the weapon. It really is that simple. The amount of progress on this Ogma PR6 was attained after a 45 minute play session. The first weapon we attuned took us the first two missions in the Witch Queen campaign to complete so it’s not too much of a grind.

Then comes the worst part, at least for right now.

Once a weapon is attuned you may select one trait to extract. This trait will become available to all future weapons you craft but, given the size of the trait pools we’ve seen, collecting them all will be a grind.

Once the trait has been extracted the weapon reverts to its normal non-Deepsight Resonance state and you can use it, infuse it or dismantle it.

Weapon numbers go up

Once a a trait has been extracted you will also get the blueprint for that weapon so long as there is a note on the weapon description stating the blueprint will be extracted. Not all weapons can have their blueprint extracted. You can then head to the Relic in The Enclave located in the Throne World to craft your weapon.

Here you will choose your frame, barrel, scope and magazine according to what is available for that weapon. You can then select your traits and craft the weapon. You will want to craft something you’re going to use often though as every crafted weapon can be levelled.

Using a weapon enough to reach higher weapon levels will also unlock enhanced traits but these require Ascendant Alloys to place into weapons and will likely only be attained in end-game content.

Crafted weapons also have a special Relic symbol so that you can easily identify them at a glance. We do recommend locking any weapons you craft and fall in love with.

The system works for now because we’re investing a lot of time into the game but we do hope to see a bit of tuning as regards progression especially for players who can’t invest hours upon hours attuning weapons.


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