Wordle has moved and there is a problem

The word game that captured the attention of millions, Wordle, has now officially moved to its new home on the New York Times’ website.

The move comes after the publication purchased Wordle from Josh Wardle for an undisclosed figure. We do know it was in the “low-seven figures”, but that’s all we know for sure. What is bizarre is that despite paying at least a million Dollars for the game, it is not displayed on the Games page of the New York Times.

The publication has done little to change the game’s appearance which is good and means you can continue guessing what the word of the day is without being inundated with advertising. We suspect that this may change in future but for now Wordle is the same game we’ve all been playing for the last few months.

However, The Verge reports that many users aren’t seeing their statistics after the move.

“Hi Wordlers! We are aware that your ‘current streak’ has been reset today. Our Games team is currently investigating,” the publication said in a tweet.

The good news is that the problem affecting streaks has been resolved and a solution is in the works. How long it will take to implement this fix is not clear but we recommend following the NYTimes Wordplay account on Twitter for updates as they come down the line.

While we have you here, we would like to point out a frankly astounding video that discusses how to make the most out of your Wordle guesses using information theory. It’s a very involved video, but it’s incredibly interesting so bookmark this to watch on your lunch break or this evening.


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