Games coming to PS Plus and Game Pass in April 2022

A new month brings with it opportunities to enjoy games on subscription services like PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) and Xbox Game Pass, and April 2022 is no different… for now.

We say this as this week Sony announced some changes to PlayStation Plus, adding new tiers and confirming the arrival of more content being made available as the company tries to match the value offered on Game Pass.

To be fair, Game Pass still has a distinct edge in that department, so PlayStation Plus still has a bit of work to do before Microsoft need to start worrying. It is also unclear when the switch to the new tiers will happen as no date has been outlined as yet.

For now then, PlayStation Plus in April will work much as we have seen in the past, with a handful of titles being made available to play during the month.

For April 2022, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated and Slay the Spire have been added to the mix come 5th April, with all three titles available on the PS4, but only Hood playable on the PS5 too.

Shifting to Game Pass, and as the month progresses, more titles are usually added or teased.

For now, two in particular have been earmarked for the service, with MLB The Show 22 landing on 5th April for users on console and cloud. This is a day one accessible title for the baseball game, showcasing the advantages of Game Pass compared to PS Plus.

The other game currently slated for the service in April 2022 is Chinatown Detective Agency, which is available on console and PC come 7th April. It is an intriguing retro-styled detective game, that could serve as a refreshing change of pace from the flurry of AAA titles that 2022 has served up so far.

There are always more announcements during the month, so keep tabs on the official Xbox Wire for more.


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