Lawsuit alleges 700 reports were filed under Bobby Kotick’s watch

You may recall a harrowing press conference hosted toward the tail end of 2021 hosted by Lisa Bloom. In that press conference a current employee at Blizzard recounted her experiences at the developer.

This week Bloom filed a lawsuit on behalf of an employee who is referred to as Jane Doe and it does not paint Activision Blizzard chief executive officer Bobby Kotick in a good light.

According to a report from Bloomberg Law, the lawsuit alleges that over 700 reports were filed under Bobby Kotick’s watch. This highlights an environment festering with sexism, harassment and discrimination.

Jane Doe alleges that during her first day at the developer she was pressured into taking shots of tequila and forced to divulge “an embarrassing secret” to everyone. Other allegations include being forced to participate in “cube crawls”.

Despite complaining about the actions of her supervisors, Doe was told that leadership was being nice and trying to be friends with her. Furthermore, Doe was instructed to keep her concerns to herself as it would damage the company. This lead to an increasingly hostile work environment for Doe.

Among the relief sought is a rotating human resources department, retention of a neutral investigation firm and the dismissal of Bobby Kotick.

This is just the latest lawsuit levelled against Activision Blizzard. Since the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California filed its lawsuit, a litany of lawsuits have been filed along with constant calls for Bobby Kotick to be removed.


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