Eskom fails to keep loadshedding under control, implements continuous Stage 2

This morning, an hour after loadshedding was meant to be suspended, Eskom announced that actually, power cuts at Stage 2 would be implemented continuously until 05:00 on Friday.

This comes after Eskom declared emergency loadshedding on Monday and continued the festivities into Tuesday evening.

Loadshedding has been amped up in frequency thanks to the failure of additional units, delays in returning units to service and as a result, a shortage of generating capacity.

“Overnight a generation unit each at Medupi, Matla, Grootvlei and Camden power stations failed,” Eskom wrote in a power alert this morning.

While three generating units have returned to service, they are seemingly not enough to offset the 14 827MW of capacity lost due to unplanned breakdowns and 5 37MW is unavailable due to planned maintenance.

“The extension of the loadshedding is required to preserve the remaining emergency generation in an attempt to limit the stage of loadshedding. Eskom would like to inform the public that any further deterioration in generation capacity may require further loadshedding,” the utility added.

As always, we advise checking out the Eskom loadshedding site and Eskomsepush on mobile to keep up to date with what times your area will be affected. Remember, if your power remains off for longer than scheduled there is likely a fault and it needs to be reported.



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