FNB now has an in-app panic button powered by AURA

FNB customers should see a new offer called GuardMe when they open their app today.

GuardMe allows FNB customers to hit a panic button and have medical or emergency services dispatched to their location.

While the offer is free for the first three months, thereafter it will cost R19.90 per month per user and more users can be added as necessary, even if they aren’t FNB customers.

“Currently +-95% of South Africans cannot access effective emergency services. Millions of people suffer crime related traumas every day and are unable to get the help they need. GuardMe enables anyone with a connected device to access private security wherever they are,” explains AURA founder and chief executive officer, Warren Myers.

GuardMe gives FNB customers access to AURA’s network of over 250 armed response service providers which can be dispatched depending on who happens to be closest to you when you need them.

Aside from this digital panic button, AURA also said in a press release that it is working to release a physical panic button so there is no need to fumble with an app.

“AURA’s technology aims to make being a criminal extremely difficult. In the very near future, predicting crime will become a reality. By using big data sets, we plan to start proactively moving the response network to deter crime and make impactful arrests,” concludes Myers.

Over the last two years AURA has been on an aggressive growth streak with the firm just recently appointing a non-executive director of operations in the UK, further growing its market internationally.

To find GuardMe, log into your FNB app, navigate to the eBucks shop and tap GuardMe. Follow the prompts to sign-up for the service.


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