How to get 10% off LEGO in South Africa

LEGO is a notoriously expensive product everywhere, especially in South Africa where unfavourable currency conversions, a poor economy and several other factors can make this premium range of toys even more premium.

Any savings are then very welcome and there’s an easy way to get a 10 percent discount in the country.

This is through Great Yellow Brick, the online store for the official LEGO stores in South Africa.

To get your discount simply go to the Great Yellow Brick website, click on “Account” in the top right corner and then on “Register”.

During the registration process a birthday date is asked. Around the time of your birthday every year, the store will email you a 10 percent off coupon which applies to the entire store.

As with all things in life there are terms and conditions, starting with when exactly the coupon is sent out.

As a test we used my birthday, 23rd April, and my coupon was emailed to me on 16th April and expires after two weeks on 30th April, just before the month ends.

We’re not sure if this is the same day everyone will receive their coupon (to ensure it expires before the end of the month) but it’s best to sign up and wait to see when yours arrives.

Another caveat is that the coupon cannot be stacked with other promotions or offers that are currently ongoing. Right now, for example, if you spend R1 500 on anything at the store you qualify to get a free LEGO set – 40529: Children’s Amusement Park.

You cannot redeem this free offer on top of using the coupon.

Lastly, on top of the coupon, 100 loyalty points will be awarded to you on your birthday. The loyalty system at the LEGO stores / Great Yellow Brick awards one point for every one Rand spent, so this is a nice gesture.

That being said turning those points into something usable isn’t so easy. Below are the reward tiers and how many points are required to earn them. The lowest rungs here are at 5 000 points which nets a R250 voucher or a free promotional set.

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