Large, LEGO Luke’s Landspeeder costs R3500 in South Africa

Late last week LEGO revealed the newest Star Wars vehicle to become part of the Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) line of products, and it’s Luke’s Landspeeder from Episode IV – A New Hope.

At the time we didn’t have South African pricing but that has changed thanks to a listing for the set from the LEGO stores. Here we find out the price of R3 499 and the release date of 4th May.

The release date coincides with other countries but, for the price, we have to do some comparisons. Below are the RRPs of the set in different regions, as well as the conversion to Rands at the time of publication:

  • £174.99 ≈ R3 493.80.
  • €199.99 ≈ R3 360.67.
  • $199.99 ≈ R3 132.48.

When looking at those other prices it’s usually best to ignore the much cheaper US price as it doesn’t include tax. Prices from the UK and EU are usually what localised pricing is based on here in South Africa with the conversion rate to the Euro cited by LEGO as a factor determining our pricing.

For your money you will be getting a set that contains 1 890 pieces. When assembled the Landspeeder measures in at 10 X 49 X 30 centimetres (height X length X width).

Part of the piece count also goes into building a stand which contains a plaque with in-universe details about the vehicle. Unfortunately this plaque, as well as many other details on this set, are accomplished with stickers you need to apply yourself. This is a cheaper replacement for these elements simply being printed onto the plastic which is a real shame given the high price here.

While not scaled for minifigures, two are included with Luke Skywalker and C-3PO. The C-3PO is especially nice here as it’s the first time we’re getting the famous protocol droid with a dual-moulded LEGO that is silver. This is the first time that LEGO has made a version of C-3PO with this kind of accuracy and this minifigure alone will likely demand a lot of money.

Looking at the rest of the Landspeeder and it looks great. It’s impressively thin and long just like the “real” thing, and it manages to look rather sleek and high tech despite being a junker run around vehicle on Tatooine.

We won’t be first in line to buy this one purely because of the price, but we’re sure some people already have the credit cards ready for the launch next week. It will also be interesting to see what special offers are available from LEGO for Star Wars Day with overseas free items already revealed.

See more of set number 75341: Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in the gallery below.


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