Loadshedding Stage 2 returns at 17:00 on Tuesday

On Monday Eskom announced loadshedding Stage 2, with it suspending loadshedding this morning.

While there were fears that loadshedding would continue throughout Tuesday, that doesn’t appear to be the case, at least for now.

To be clear, loadshedding at Stage 2 will still be taking place from 17:00 on Tuesday through until 05:00 on Wednesday morning.

The unit that caused latest loadshedding on Monday – Unit 5 at Medupi power station – has returned to service, but there are now several other problems Eskom is fighting.

“Three generating units at the Camden Power Station tripped during the night, contributing to the current shortage of capacity. Eskom teams are working hard to return as many of these units to service as possible,” the utility said in a power alert.

The outlook for the remainder of the week then doesn’t bode well with Eskom stating that more loadshedding could be on the cards should more generation capacity fail.

As of time of writing, 14 449MW of generation capacity is unavailable due to unplanned breakdowns while maintenance means that 4 804MW of capacity is unavailable.

As always, we advise checking out the Eskom loadshedding site and Eskomsepush on mobile to keep up to date with what times your area will be affected. Remember, if your power remains off for longer than scheduled there is likely a fault and it needs to be reported.

At least we’re getting more warning than Monday, not that it’s much comfort in the face of pervasive power cuts that could last all week.


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