Contest opens to design tattoo for Fortnite character Zuri

We take a break from the regular news of Fortnite crossovers to talk about something more unique in the game in the form of the character Zuri and how players can shape her future.

Epic Games has opened up a contest for the public to design a tattoo for the character.

“Zuri is known for her grace not only due to her moves, but also her tattoos. And you have the chance to design her next one! Submit a concept for Zuri’s next tattoo by following us on Twitter at @FortniteGame or on Instagram at @fortnite and posting your concept with the hashtag #ZuriTattooContest. The chosen concept will be turned into a tattoo on a future variant of the Zuri Outfit,” the announcement reads.

The contest will run between now and 22nd May with the winner walking away with a $2 500 (~R40 689) cash prize and a copy of the outfit in the game if they don’t already own it.

The big restriction mentioned in the announcement by Epic Games is that entrants need to be over the age of 13, but more detailed rules and regulations can be found here (PDF).

Reading through this PDF and it seems that the winner will be announced some time after 8th June, which is when the judges will convene to pick a winner.

The entries will apparently be judged using a points system with between one and five points awarded in the categories of Creativity, Fun Factor and Overall Visuals.

While this is open to much of the world several countries are left out. Some are easy to understand for a contest run by an American company such as Russia, Iraq, Iran and more, but strangely Brazil and Italy are also specifically mentioned as not eligible.

We have to imagine this is some kind of contest and / or tax law in the way so for those of us outside of the US it’s worth reading over the rules before devoting any time to entering.

Epic Games – All items in Zuri’s “Ring General” Set: the Zuri Outfit, Enchanted Featherfighters Back Bling, Empowered Dha Pickaxe, and Best in the Ring Loading Screen.

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