Epic Games Store: Borderlands 3 is free plus 25% coupon

We’re used to seeing something for free on the Epic Games Store every week but this time around it’s a big budget title that is still desirable in the form of Borderlands 3.

Those who have been putting off picking up the looter shooter due due to the launch reviews, poor PC performance or even just the price can now dive in without any real investment aside from going to the Borderlands 3 store page on the Epic Games Store and claiming your free game.

If you missed the aforementioned problems around the game check out our launch review which covers them. Thankfully some elements have improved over time – such as the performance – but others are still here and are inescapable, mostly the horrible story and one of the worst written and acted bad guys in possibly all of gaming.

Borderlands 3 launched back in September 2019 so it has been a while. For a better understanding of what the current game looks like you can also see something of a re-review from us when we covered all the big looter shooters in late 2021.

To spoil our own story we highly recommend giving this game a go and with the price removed there’s really no reason not to.

For those who want to buy the DLC to enhance their experience, or simply want something else from the Epic Games Store, well there’s the latest Mega Sale for you.

Between now and 16th June most games on the store have been reduced in price with what Epic Games claims is up to 75 percent off.

If that’s not enough there’s a coupon available for a further 25 percent off but make sure you check out the specifics of the coupon here.

Unlike some other Epic Games Store coupons in the past this one will not stick around in your account after the sale to use another time. Instead your 25 percent off saving will expire when the sale does on 16th June.

This is also not the kind of coupon that we’ve seen from Epic Games in the past that can be had multiple times. Instead it’s just one 25 percent off deal that will apply to your first purchase made on the store.

Finally there’s a minimum spend required to activate the coupon. This varies by country but in South Africa the threshold is R239.99.


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