Love Death + Robots Volume 3 borrows from some of our favourite media

We have now got a trailer for the third season of Love Death + Robots and the nine short stories we’ve been shown remind us a lot of other media we’ve seen (and loved) in the past.

Bad Travelling seems to be set on a pirate ship overrun with giant bugs and other sea creatures. The obvious comparison here is to Pirates of the Caribbean, especially The Curse of the Black Pearl and Davy Jones’s body horror ship. We’re also a bit creeped out by, of all things, the large and realistic ticks on the floor of the ship.

The Very Pulse of the Machine has an art style that is very reminiscent of the game Sable from last year. We don’t see much of this story aside from some giant stone astronauts.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed reminds us of another game in the form of House of Ashes. Sure there’s a lot of media around the concept of “army encounters super natural elements underground” but the two look so similar in terms of visuals.

Jibaro is aiming for more realism than the other animations here. We’re getting Apocalypto vibes from this one.

Swarm may be the story here that we can’t compare to another piece of media but the concept of a human hive mind is rather common in fiction.

Mason’s Rats continues the age old tradition of anthropomorphised vermin with weapons. We immediately thought of the Skaven from Warhammer.

Three Robots: Exit Strategy continues the adventures of the titular three robots seen in past seasons of the show.

Kill Team Kill looks like some classic weekend cartoons with a gritty filter, like G.I. Joe
with more violence or the animated launch trailer of Broforce. Oh and the bear featured in this section gives us flashbacks of the screaming one from Annihilation, but this time it’s a robot.

Night of the Mini Dead is our absolute favourite here using a combination of what looks like faux stop motion and tilt–shift photography. This looks like a game we’d love to play.

All of this isn’t to say that this trailer is lacking unique elements, only that we picked up on what we see as influences from the many people involved here, and it has us excited for the release.

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 will be available on 20th May on Netflix.


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