Starlink offers immediate shipping to 32 countries, but Africa still dark for now

Starlink, the internet-beaming network of satellites from SpaceX, has announced that immediate shipping of kits (seen above) is now available in 32 countries across the globe.

The company confirmed the news via its official Twitter page, linking to a live availability map of the world to see which regions have immediate availability, are waitlisted or are still on the way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the entire continent of Africa finds itself in the “coming soon” category, which is yet another blow after Elon Musk promised that the service would be available in South Africa in 2022, only for it to be delayed.

You can of course still pore-order the service, if that is indeed your heart’s desire, but for now, getting one of the Starlink dish kits shipped to SA is not happening any time soon, with the same going for access to connectivity from the service.

As for the countries that it is available in, the number has increased to 32 from 25 earlier in the year. While the number of territories has increased, the real test will be just how immediate the shipping will be, with The Verge pointing out that several users in areas outside the United States have complained about shipping taking months despite living in a country with the immediate status.

We’d likely chalk this down to the supply chain issues plaguing all industries a result of the pandemic.

With Musk flaking on his promise of Tesla EVs in South Africa already, hopefully Starlink can keep to its new expected deadline for local launch of 2023.




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