Inscryption Mac and Linux ports now available

Bonkers card game Inscryption can now be enjoyed by more people thanks to a new launch on Mac and Linux.

The original game launched on 19th October 2021 so it has been quite some time since then, something developer Daniel Mullins Games addresses.

“Normally Unity makes Mac / Linux ports fairly easy but due to the scope and weirdness of Inscryption there were plenty of platform specific bugs to work out. Huge thanks to Ryan Lee who single-handedly destroyed these bugs. And thank you to the beta testers who played the Mac and Linux versions and reported them!” the announcement reads.

Those who have been waiting for these ports to play, and those who were on the fence for whatever other reason, can also now buy the game for 30 percent off on Steam.

This sale is going on for the next ten days and extends to the other bundles containing the game which also offer the soundtrack or even other games.

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 is kicking off later today so keep that in mind before picking anything up.

The Mac and Linux ports are part of V1.10 of the game which fix several bugs and problems in the Windows version, including:

  • Fixed: The Trapper’s Skinning Knife from Kaycee’s Mod appearing as a random item drop in Part 1 and Kaycee’s Mod. It was only meant to be available by purchasing it from the Trapper directly.
  • Fixed: The ‘Blood Artist’ achievement unlocking too early.
  • Fixed: Rare soft lock in the Cave Trial if mouse-ninja’ing a certain way.
  • Fixed: Pressing the CC button while fast-forwarding through that sweet sweet Lucky Carder footage caused the fast-forward visual effects to stop.
  • Other minor graphical issues fixed.


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