Samsung reportedly purchases display startup Cynora, with more foldables expected

All the fervour surrounding foldable phones of a few years ago has seemingly died down, with Samsung, and to a lesser extent Huawei, being the only mobile players still investing in the technology.

That said, Samsung appears to be the leading the charge in the market and the South Korean outfit could be gearing up to work on its next generation of foldables following reports that it has acquired OLED display startup Cynora.

At the time of writing neither company has officially confirmed the acquisition, but insiders with knowledge on the matter say Samsung has penned a dal worth approximately $300 million to gain access to the valued intellectual property of Cynora.

While we await the full unpacking of what the deal would entail, it is believed that Samsung would only gain access to the technology and not the engineers which work for the Germany-based company.

Samsung already has its own team within its Display division working on foldable devices, but the acquisition of Cynora would offer access to flexible OLED technology that is more rigid than what is currently on the market.

Despite leading the pack in terms of foldable devices, Samsung’s foray into this field has not been without its issues, with the initial iteration of the Galaxy Fold suffering from manufacturing problems, not to mention the fact that current iterations of foldables still feature a crease.

Whether Cynora’s technology could address this issue is unclear, but the addition of the startup’s IP to the ranks of Samsung could bolster existing products or help in venturing into other silos. This may include larger form factor devices, with Lenovo being the only real manufacturer making strides in this department with its ThinkPad X1 Fold.

Either way, the acquisition looks to keep Samsung ahead of the chasing pack when it comes to foldables.


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