Tencent completes gargantuan app migration to its own cloud

Seemingly in a bid to streamline the spend on its numerous services, Tencent has revealed completion of a massive app migration.

The migration sees Tencent moving its own apps to its own clouds following the realisation that many of its services had built their own silos. As The Register writes, Tencent’s many services appear to have built infrastructure to cope with peak demands leaving plenty of unused capacity across Tencent’s operations.

This was back in 2018 when the Chinese internet colossus was building its cloud services and the project has now just been wrapped up.

The move sees workloads to consume 50 million cores moved to the cloud saving Tencent $446 million to date. Server efficiency has also reportedly been improved and is said to be 30 percent better than the industry standard.

In addition, Tencent claims that protection against distributed denial of service attacks has been greatly improved and bandwidth has increased 7.6 times.

Those savings couldn’t have come at a better time as China’s tech space tries to recover from a months long Coronavirus lockdown. What is curious is that in May, as per the video embed below, Tencent – among other Chinese tech giants – were looking at taking any service deal it could.

Now, The Financial Times reports that instead, the likes of Tencent and Alibaba are more focused on higher-margin cloud deals and less so on private cloud work. This makes sense as it means moving away from discounted projects that require exhaustive customisation.

We’re curious to see how this shift works out for Tencent and we suspect it will use this recent migration as a way to highlight what it can do for high-end customers.




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