We could see HTC’s metaverse-focused phone later this month

Remember HTC? The Taiwanese company was one of the up and coming Android phone makers a decade ago, but has since pivoted heavily into the virtual reality space with its headsets.

Now HTC is readying to reveal a new smartphone, with the big focus here being on the metaverse. An unveiling is scheduled for 28th June, according to HTC’s Twitter account, with the tweet pasted below also hinting that the device will leverage off of the company’s Viverse platform.

The Viverse is an ecosystem designed to offer metaverse experiences via the HTC Vive headsets, so there is a good chance that the upcoming phone will feature quite a bit of technology aimed at enabling VR and AR experiences.

The full picture is unclear for now, but it has also been suggested that the upcoming phone will be able to be used in tandem with a Vive headset for metaverse-related experiences, such as chats and concerts.

Whether this will simply be a glorified navigation tool for the metaverse is unclear, but it has also been suggested that there could be some blockchain-related elements to the device, with HTC’s Exodus phone making similar claims.

Hopefully there is something worthwhile on offer here and HTC is not simply throwing in a bunch of buzzwords to build up hype over an upcoming smartphone launch.

All will be revealed on 28th June.




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