Apple Watch Series 8 may notify you when you’re sick

It is time to discuss rumours surrounding upcoming Apple products and the latest batch of reports are focused on the Apple Watch. The Cupertino-based company is expected to release a new iteration of its wearable, with the Apple Watch Series 8 anticipated later in the year.

As far as what the new device will be sporting, the big focus appears to be on more healthcare-related features.

This according to the latest Power On newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says the Series 8 will add the ability to measure a wearer’s body temperature. Should that feature indeed be rolling on the Series 8, it would bring with it a number of different applications, such as the ability to determine whether the wearer is running a fever or is sick.

Whether the feature would be available at launch is unclear, especially as regulatory approval and testing would be required before such functionality could be made accessible to the public. As such, accuracy will play an important factor here, especially as the Watch’s native ECG functionality is not widely available in regions that the devices are sold.

There is also talk of the feature being rolled out some older models of the Apple Watch, although which ones is unknown for now, but the lesser-specced SE variant of the wearable expected later this year too will likely be skipped for the new healthcare feature.

A model that won’t skip it though is a new rugged version of the Apple Watch, which is believed to be appearing alongside the Series 8 later this year. The new model looks to be aimed directly at extreme sports enthusiasts, featuring a number of tools and design elements purpose-built for the outdoors.

If you are a fan of Apple’s wearables, it looks like there will be more options to fawn over in the coming months. A precise date for the reveal of the new SE, Series 8 and rugged device, are yet to be shared by Apple.


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