Chrome OS is dead, long live chromeOS

In recent years more people have experienced Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS as Chromebooks have become more commonplace in the education and enterprise spheres.

Now, however, when referring to the operating system it may be worthwhile to note a couple of small changes as Chrome OS is now chromeOS.

The change was first spotted by The Verge via this developer landing page, with James Croom, Google’s senior director of marketing for chromeOS confirming the change to the online publication.

Moving forward you will need to drop the uppercase C for a lowercase one and remove the space between chrome and OS.

Precisely why Google has made the change is unclear, but those among us who use several Apple devices will notice that the naming convention mirrors what the Cupertino-based company likes to employ for its software, such as iOS, macOS or watchOS.

The change is yet to filter to some of Google’s other chromeOS-related properties, so it may take a while before product pages for Chromebooks and other services switch to the new naming convention.

It is also unclear whether Google plans to make the same changes to some of its other software stacks like Wear OS for example, which still conforms to the older convention. As sticklers for detail here, we’re hoping that this is a naming convention that Google implements across the board, lest our OCD flair up.

Sure it’s not the biggest change in the world, but there is something to be sad about uniformity, especially in the technology space.


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