Couple of days left to play Dying Light 2 Bloody Summer

There’s another free event in Dying Light 2 and players still have a few days to participate in it when the Bloody Summer Event ends on 7th July.

As you may have guessed by the name, the focus of this event is added violence.

“It’s all about carnage and making the streets of the City run red with the blood of your opponents. During the Bloody Summer event, the chances of cutting off limbs, slicing your enemies in half, and simply pulverizing them will increase highly. Moreover, some of the Hyper Mode rules will also apply with stronger ragdolls and hit reactions,” the description reads.

Watching the trailer for the event, embedded below, and it reminds us of the Blood Mess perk from the Fallout games.

Aside from being a bit of fun players are encouraged to participate with rewards available:

  • Chop off 1 limb to obtain a Harper’s Token.
  • Cut off 300 limbs to obtain a Cutting Edge Axe.
  • Together with the entire community — slice off 3 000 000 limbs to obtain the Nightrunner Outfit.

One bonus to those coming to the event late is that the community has already reached and far surpassed the three million goal to unlock the Nightrunner Outfit.

At the time of publication the official counter on the Techland website reads 44 204 340. The community managed to reach that goal in just three hours after the event went live. The “you made it” image above was released by Techland to announce the quick completion of the goal.

For those who have not yet played Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you can read our launch review of the title here.

Bloody Summer ends on the same day that the Steam Summer Sale 2022 does. Until then the game is 33 percent off for the base game, 25 percent off for the Deluxe Edition and 20 percent off for the Ultimate Edition.


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